• Setting Up of State-of-the Art Learning Facilities

CBIP also plans to establish following state-of the art learning facilities which would function as stand alone or in supplement to the technical knowledge acquired by the students in the formal class room

  • Computer based Training Packages/Open Leaning Centre

To give a better understanding of various equipments and systems in the power generation, transmission and distribution systems, computer based training packages shall be developed by the experts. The students would be able to learn at their own place and convenient time in an open learning centre having latest computers with multimedia facilities. Subsequently these packages shall also be used in Web based course delivery.

  • Simulators

Newer Technologies are being introduced regularly in all areas of Power generation, transmission and distribution systems. In order to give the trainees a feel of the actual operation of the various systems and equipments, their training on Simulators shall be very helpful. Although simulators are very costly, the training on simulators is also mandated in regulations issued by the Central Electricity Authority. Increase in size of generating units like super critical units of upto 800 MW Capacity, higher voltages in transmission and smart grid applications in Distribution are the latest trends. It is proposed to set up the following simulators:

Ø  Thermal Simulators of Capacity 210 MW, 500 MW, 660 MW and 800 MW

Ø  Hydro Generation Simulator

Ø  Transmission Line Simulator

Ø  Load Despatch Simulator

Ø  Smart Grid and Distribution Simulator

  • Virtual Class Rooms/Video Conferencing Facilities

Through virtual class rooms/video conferencing CBIP plans to conduct various training sessions by the faculties who are stationed at far off place or through webinars.