Membership of the Executive Committee of the Board.

Executive committee headed by President CBIP (Present Chairperson, CEA), is the highest body taking all the decision for the CBIP. We have at present 240 members in the executive committee broadly comprises of the following organizations:

CPSUs; PSUs; State Electricity Board; State Power, Generation, Transmission and Distribution Cos. and State Energy & Water Resources departments.

   Membership of the General Body of the Board

The officers of the rank of Chief Engineer and above or equivalent from the member organizations are the member of General Body of the CBIP. All general body members are being updated about the latest information and Innovations in the Power and Water Resources sectors through monthly issue of Water and Energy International Journal of CBIP.

   Complimentary copies of the following documents produced by CBIP are regularly sent to the top management of the member   organizations.

>   each manual/ guidelines and other technical documents etc. brought out by CBIP

>   proceedings of each conference/seminar being organized by CBIP

>   special publications brought out by CBIP

>   Monthly issue of Water and Energy International Journal


     Complimentary copy of Monthly issue of Water and Energy International Journal containing articles giving details on latest trends and Innovations, Technical data, News on Water and Power Sector.

     Preference to the experts from member organization in Membership of the experts committee constituted by CBIP from time to time.

     Intimation about all National & International events and other activities being organized by CBIP.

     10% discount in registration fee for the events i.e. conferences, workshops etc. being organized by CBIP besides free invitation to the top management as special invitee.

     10% concession on purchase of addl. copy of CBIP publications.

     10% discount in publishing advertisement in the Journals & Publications of CBIP.

     Free use of CBIP library by officers/professionals of member organizations