In view of the vast needs of training in various areas of Water Resources Development and Management, CBIP has been very active in organizing Workshops / Training programs to cover large number of topics, with a view to expose the participants to latest advances in those topics. Training under irrigation, covered topics like canal lining, canal regulation including automation, use of micro irrigation methods, Environmental Impact Assessment of the Water Resources projects, Problem of Water logging, Salinity in irrigation commands, Command Area Development, weed problem in canals etc. Training programs also covered design and construction of dams and tunnels. Assessment of design floods, dam safety, instrumentation in dams and other structures like Tunnels, use of Hydrological Models, use of new materials like Geo synthetics for seepage control
of water, flood embankments, slope stabilisation etc, new construction technology of dams likes Roller Compacted concrete use of TBMs in boring tunnels and many other topics. CBIP also conducted a number training programs for freshly inducted trainees of NTPC which were highly popular.