Transmission Lines   

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1Intl. Conference on Innovations & Best Practices in Transmission System, 11-12 July2013500 WP-125 Content
2Intl. Conference on CIGRE Asia Oceana CIGRE HV & EHV Insulated Cables2013500WP-121 Content
3 Interactive Workshop on Latest Trends in EHV Underground Cables & Accessories2011500 WP-120 Content
4 Intl. Conference on Development of 1200kV National Test Station, 29-30 Sept. 2010 N.Delhi20102000 WP-113 Content
5Manual on Commissioning Procedure for Transmission Lines2006500GP-292 Content
6 Manual on Maintenance of Transmission Lines20051500 GP-293 Content
7 Manual on Design of Towers for Long span River Crossing2004500 GP-290 Content
8 Seminar on Innovative Technique for Maintanance of Transmission Lines 2004800WP-96 Content
9 CIGRE Regional Meeting – International Conference on Bulk Power Transmission System Integration in Developing Countries, 8-10 Nov., New Delhi20011500 WP-84 Content
10 Co-ordination of Protective Relays in Generating Stations and Transmission Networks1998500 TRP-115 Content
11 Prediction of Corona Noise on HVAC Power Line Carrier Communication Channels1998500 TRP-118 Content
12 A.C. Voltage Instability and Voltage Collapse1998500TRP-119 Content
13 Manual on Transmission Lines19982500 GP-268 Content
14 Transmission System in India – An Overview19972500 GP-259 Content
15 Reduction in Transmission of Distribution Losses and Remedial Measures (1994) (Revised & Enlarged Oct 1996)1996800 GP-240 Content
16 International Seminar on Uprating / Upgradation of Transmission Lines, March 1995)1995500 WP-37 Content
17 Simulation Studies on TNA for 800 kV UHV Transmission1993500 TRP-91 Content
18 Evaluation of Swing Angles for 800 kVA Transmission Systems1993500 TRP-92 Content
19 Thermal Over-loading of Transmission Lines1988500 TRP-64 Content
20 Study of Damage to ACSR Conductor Hardware and Line Supports under Severe Chemical Pollution1986500 TRP-54 Content
21 Glossary of Terms Relating to Transmission Line Towers1985500TRP-47 Content
22 Electric Power Transmission at Voltages of 1000 kV and above1984500 MRP-1 Content
23 Interference of Power Lines with Telephone Lines1982500 TRP-29 Content
24 Line Loss Reduction in Primary and Secondary Distribution – Cost Benefit Aspects of the Remedial Measures (Supp.)1976500 RP-4 Content