Hydro Power   

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1Hydroelectric Projects in India 20125000GP-312 Content  
2 Manual on Prevention against Flooding of Hydro Power Station2010800GP-308 Content  
3Manual on Development of Small Hydroelectric Projects20091000GP-305 Content  
4Capacity Building and Training Programme for Different Stakeholders in India’s Hydro-power Sector & Special Session on Contract Management Settlement of Claims, 24-25 March 2008, Shimla2008500WC-147 Content  
53ed International Conference on Silting Problems in Hydro Power Plants,27-28 Feb 2008 ,New Delhi2008800CP-67 Content  
6Conference on Development of Hydro Power Projects - A Prospective Challenge, 20-22 April 2005, Shimla20052000CP-59 Content  
7 Manual on Renovation, Modernisation and Life Extension of Hydropower Plants20052500GP-291 Content  
81st International Conference on Renewable Energy, 6-8 October 2004, New Delhi, Vol.I & Vol.II-CD Rom20041500WC-134 Content  
9National Seminar on Renovation, Moder-nisation and Life Extension of Hydropower Plants, 11-12 December 2003, New Delhi2003800WP-94 Content  
10Hydroelectric Power Stations in Operation in India, July 200320034500GP-288 Content  
11 Conference on Latest Trends in Hydro Equipment, 24-25 July, Bhopal, M.P1997500CP-42 Content  
12Small, Mini & Micro Hydro Power Stations in India19971000GP-254 Content  
13A Centenary of Hydro Power Development in India19971000CP-47 Content  
14 Pumped Storage Schemes in India1997500GP-265 Content  
15 Damage to Underwater Parts of Hydro Turbine and Metallurgical Solutions1997500GP-261 Content  
16 Data on Silt and Desilting Arrangements in Hydro Power Stations1997500GP-264 Content  
17 International Conference on Accelerated Hydro Power Development and Pumped Storage Development, 1-3 December 1997, New Delhi1997500WP-54 Content  
18Course of Small Hydro Development, 21-26 August 1995, New Delhi19951000CP-33 Content  
19 Unusual Storms Events and their Relevance to Dam Safety and Snow Hydrology19931000GP-234 Content  
20Small-Mini-Micro Hydro Power Stations in India1993500GP-236 Content  
21 Planning and Management of Hydro Power Resources in India (Dr. B.S.K. Naidu)19921000GP-226 Content  
22 Brief History of Tunnel Construction at Loktak Hydroelectric Project1990800GP-217 Content  
23 Design and Construction Features of Selected Hydroelectric Power Plants in India, Vol. I1987500GP-196 Content