New Arrivals   

1 6th Int. Conf. on Power System Protection and Automation, Febuary 2014 2014GP-322CONTENTS
2 Power Transmission Network of India(220 kv & above) 2014Map-36CONTENTS
3 Hydro Power Map of India 2013 2013Map-35CONTENTS
4 6th National Conf. on Earthing System 19-20 September 2013,New Delhi 2013WP-126CONTENTS
5 Dam India,2013 2013GP-321CONTENTS
6 Geosynthethics in Railway Track 2013GP-319CONTENTS
7 Manual of Transformer 2013GP-317CONTENTS
8 Manual on Busduct 2013GP-318CONTENTS
9 Manual on Gas Insulated Substations 2013GP-316CONTENTS
10 Manual on Transmission Lines 2014GP-323CONTENTS
11 Guidelines for Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete 2015GP-326CONTENTS
12 Tunnelling Asia 2015 2015WC-179CONTENTS
13 5th Int. Exhibition & Conf. 2015WC-138CONTENTS
14 Int. Colloquium on Overhead Lines in Associatior with CIGRE Study Committee 2015WC-139CONTENTS
15 Power Map of India (2014-15) 2015Map-37CONTENTS
16 Water Resources Map of India 2015Map-38CONTENTS
17 CBIP Guide on Static Energy Meters- Sepcifications & Testing 2015GP-325CONTENTS
18 Geosynthetics India (2014) 2014WC-178CONTENTS
19 Seminar on Reforms in Management of Public Irrigation Systems 2014WC-177CONTENTS
20 Conference on Challanges & Barriers in Hydro Power Development 2014GP-324CONTENTS
21 7th National Conference on Earthing Systems 2014WP-133CONTENTS
22 Biography of the Board (1927-2014) 2014CP-78CONTENTS
23 Rock India 2014 - Prresent Technology & Future Challenges 2014WC-176CONTENTS
24 National Conference on Latest Testing in Transformer 2014WP-132CONTENTS
25 Dams India 2014 - Rehabilitation of Dams & Appurtenants Structures 2014WC-175CONTENTS
26 Interactive Workshop on Innovative Measures for Grid Stability Including Phase Shifting Trans- mission & WAMS 2014WP-129CONTENTS
27 5th Conference on Gas Insulated Substation 2014WP-130CONTENTS
28 Workshop on Sprayed Concrete in Under- ground Structures - Issues and Challenged 2014WP-174CONTENTS
29 Workshop on Segmental Lining - Issues and Challenge 2014WC-173CONTENTS