Transmission Substation   

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1 National Conf. on Latest Trends in Design Testing, RLA Studies of Transformer and Other High Voltage Sub-station Equipment 27-28, Nov. New Delhi)2013500 GP-127 Content
2 Manual on Gas Insulated Substation20132000 GP-316 Content
3 5th Intl. Conference on “Large Power Transformers – Modern Trends in Application, Installation, Operation & Maintenance” N. Delhi20132000WP-123 Content
4 International Conference on Large Power Transformer – Modern Trends in Application, Testing and Condition Monitoring, New Delhi20091000 WP-109 Content
5 Manual on Substation Layout20062500 GP-299 Content
6 Manual on EHV, UHV Substation Equipment Maintenance20051500 GP-294 Content
7 National Seminar on Large Power Transformer – Modern Trends in Application, Testing and Condition Monitoring, 14-15 November 2002, New Delhi20021000 WP-92 Content
8 International Seminar on Compact Substations and Gas Insulated Switchgear, 18-19 January 2001, New Delhi20011500WP-78 Content
9Seminar on Capacitors, January, Pune2001500 WP-79 Content
10 Evaluation of Minimum IR Values of Power Transformers for their Safe Operation, Effects of Ageing of the IR Values of the Transformers2000500 TRP-120 Content
11 International Conference on Power Transformers20002500WP-75 Content
12 Residual Life Assessment of Power Transformers by Laboratory Simulated Study2000500 TRP-121 Content
13Core Balance Test of Transformers and to Evolve Minimum Acceptance Value for various Voltages Range of Power Transformers2000500 TRP-125 Content
14 Seminar on Residual Life Assessment Renovation and Modernisation of Existing Thermal Power Plants, 25-26 Feb., Kolkata1999500 WP-65 Content
15Studies on Accelerated Ageing of Power Capacitor Dielectric System Consisting of Indigenous and Imported Polypropylene Films and Impregnents1996500TRP-107 Content
16 Location of Partial Discharge in Power Transformers by Computers and Measurement of Capacitively Transmitted Voltage Surges1995500 TRP-100 Content