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1ISRM International Symposium 2010 and 6th Asian Rock Mechanics Symposium, 23-27 October, 2010 New Delhi – Key Note Lectures and Abstracts20101500WC-154 Content
2Manual on Rock Mechanics20102000GP-310 Content
3Seminar on Meeting Rock Mechanics Challenge of Deep Underground Mining, 22-24 April, Dhanbad (Jharkhand)2010800WC-153 Content
4Workshop on Applications of Rock Mechanics - Tools & Techniques, 15-17 January, Nagpur, Maharashtra2010800WC-152 Content
5ISRM Regional Symposium - Advancing Rock Mechanics Frontiers to Meet the Challenges of 21st Century, 24-27 September 2002, New Delhi20021500WC-125 Content
6Influence of Gravity on Granular Soil Mechanics20001500GP-277 Content
7Workshop on Rock Mechanics, 12-14 August 1996, New Delhi1996500WC-89 Content
8Asphalic Concrete for Hydraulic Structures1996500CP-34 Content
9Behaviour of Saturated Expansive Soil and Control Methods (by Shri R.K. Katti)19941000CP-29 Content
10Seventh Congress of International Society for Rock Mechanics1993500GP-237 Content
11Evaluation of Stresses & Deformations Around Underground Openings 1991500TRC-46 Content
12Fibre Reinforced Concrete1990500TRC-41 Content
13Symposium on Quality Management Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Water Resources and Power Engineering1989500GP-202 Content
14Workshop on Behaviour of Concrete under Multiaxial States of Stress1987500WC-29 Content
15International Symposium on New Materials Techniques Multiaxial in Dam Construction1987500WC-30 Content
16Workshop on Rock Reinforcement Vols. I&II 1986630WC-23 Content
17Classification of Tropical Soils1986500LR-35 Content
18Evaluation of Stresses and Deformation Around Underground Openings1986500SR-10 Content
19Workshop on Repair of Concrete, 12-13 August 1985, New Delhi1985500WC-13 Content
20Analysis and Interpretation of Electrical Resistivity Data from Hard Rock Areas for Ground Water Exploration1984500TRC-33 Content
21Shear Strength Development in Expansive Black Cotton Soil Media with and without a Cohesive Non-Swelling Soil Surcharge, Application to Stability of Canals in Cuts and Embankments1980500TRC-28 Content
22Marine Clays in India1979500TRC-27 Content
23Damping Characteristics of Soils1977500TRC-21 Content