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1A Treatise on Sediment Management in Water Resources Projects20071500GP-301 Content
2Seminar on Reservoir Sedimentation, Ooty, 6-8 June 20012001800WC-119 Content
3Sedimentation Surveys of Malaprabha Reservoir1996500TRC-53 Content
4Sedimentation of Reservoirs in Maharashtra-A State-of-Art - Report1995500GP-244 Content
5Workshop on Reservoir Sedimentation 17-19 May 1994, Mysore - Recommen¬dations 19951995500WC-63 Content
66th Int. Sym. On River Sedimentation, New Delhi (Management of Sediment, Philosophy, Aims & Techniques) Recommendations19952000WC-76 Content
7Sedimentation Studies in Pothundy-Malampuzha- Meenakara Reservoirs1994500TRC-49 Content
8National Workshop on Sediment Measure¬ment Techniques (1992) (Recommendation)1992500WC-44 Content
9Sedimentation Surveys of Krishnarajasagar Reservoir1992500CP-22 Content
10Sediment Transport in Channels1980500TRC-30 Content