River Behaviour, Training and Management   Click here to see the list

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2 Aggradation in he Brahmapura River in Assam1996500GP-252 Content
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4 River Behaviour Management and Training, Vol. II (1994)19891994500GP-204 Vol II Content
5 Change Detection in Watershed Characteristics Affecting Inflow Pattern in Krishnarajasagar Reservoir1992500TRC-48 Content
6 Regional Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment for Water Resources Project, Jan. 1991, New Delhi1991500WC-42 Content
7 Measurement of Hydrodynamic Forces and Flow Induced Vibrations in Bridge Piers1984500TRC-35 Content
8 Manual on Capacity Survey of Storage Reservoirs - Shri B.N Murthy (Reprinted 1981)(Revised 95)1968500GP-89 Content