Hydrology and Meteorology    Click here to see the list

1 Seminar on Canal Automation, 6-7 Feb. New Delhi2014500 WC-173 Content
2 Seminar on Canal Automation, 2011 New Delhi2011500 WC-157 Content
3Micro Irrigation20011500GP-282 Content
4 Workshop on Canal Automation, 27-29 April 1999, Aurangabad 1999800 WC-110 Content
5 Workshop on Micro Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation System, 28-30 April 1998, N. Delhi1998800 WC-101 Content
6 Seminar on Agricultural Pumping Energing Dimensions and Impact on Power Sector, 27-28 August, 1998, Bangalore1998500 WC-104 Content
7Real Time Water Management in Storage Based Irrigation Systems1997500 GP-256 Content
8 Workshop on Canal Automation, KochiKerala, 28-30 April 19971997500 WC-97 Content
9 Workshop on Waterlogging and Soil Salinity in Irrigated Agriculture, 12-15 March 19961996500 WC-80 Content
10 Workshop on Aquatic Weeds - Problems & Management, 5-7 June 1996, Bangalore1996500 WC-84 Content