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1Manual on Roller Compacted Concrete - Recent Advance in the Technology - Andriolo Francisco Rodrigues500GP-300 Content
2Guidelines for a Seismic Design of Dams500GP-297 Content
3Instrumentation of Dams2000GP-287 Content
4Seminar on Roller Compacted Concrete Dams, 10-12 May 2006, Pune1500WC-138 Content
5Short Course on Finite Element Method for the Analysis and Design of Dam and Underground Structures of Water Resources Projects, 21-25 July 2003, New Delhi5000WC-130 Content
6International Conference on Dam Safety Evaluation, 11-14 December 2001, Panaji, Goa1000WC-122 Content
7Workshop on "Dam Safety including Instrumentation of Dams", 15-17 Nov. 2000, Thiruvananthpuram800WC-118 Content
8Large Dams in India, Vol. I Vol. II700GP-197 Content
9Concrete Dams - Dr. H.D. Sharma1000GP-266 Content
10Typical Dams in India1500GP-272 Content
11History of Hydraulic Research in India -G.S. Dhillon1000GP-269 Content
12Symposium on Rehabilitation of Dams, 4th Nov. 1998, New Delhi1000WC-105 Content
13Large Dams at a Glance500CP-36 Content
14History of Periyar Dam with Century Long Performance - Prof. A. Mohankrishnan500GP-257 Content
15Workshop on Dam Safety - Assurances and Rehabilitation, 18-21 June 1996, Bhubaneswar800WC-85 Content
16Symposium on Earthen Dam - Talwara Township, 18-20 December800WC-93 Content
17Manual on Barrages and Weirs on Permeable Foundations, Vol. I Vol.II 500GP-179 Content
18Spillway Gates - Case Studies500GP-245 Content
19Dam Safety Guidelines Published by Canadian Dam Safety Association and Reprinted by CBIP800GC-4 Content
20Some Typical Dams in India500GP-219 Content
21Introduction to Dams500GP-220 Content
22First Conference on Research Needs in Dam Safety500WC-41 Content
23Regional Workshop on Unusual Storm Event and their Relevance to Dam Safety500WC-45 Content
24Symposium on Large Dams vs. Small Dams, 2 December 1991, New Delhi, Vol. I* & Vol. II500WC-46 Content
25Structural Behaviour of Concrete and Masonry Gravity Dams500GP-215 Content
26Workshop on Hydraulic Gates and Hoists in Water Resources Projects, 6-8 June 1995, Bangalore500WC-70 Content
27Indo-Soviet Workshop on Experiences in Large Canals and Hydraulics Structures in Subsident, Swelling and Floating Soils500WC-20 Content
28Workshop on Rockfill Technology for High Fill Dams500WC-24 Content
29Workshop on Seismic Analysis and Design of Earth and Rockfill Dams, Vol. I & II (1986)2000WC-22 Content
30Guidelines for Safety Inspection of Dams500GC-1 Content
31Major Barrages in India500GP-148 Content
32Pamphlet on Collection of Prototype Data on Spillways500MRC-4 Content
33Dam Safety Code of Practice800CP-50 Content
34Design of Weirs on Permeable Foundations - Shri A.N. Khosla, Dr. N.K. Bose and Dr. E.Mckenzie Taylor(Reprinted 1954,62 and 1981)500GP-12 Content
35 Workshop on "Dam Safety Management" 2012, New Delhi500WC-168 Content
36 Workshop on "Dam Safety Management" 29-30 September 2011, New Delhi500WC-163 Content
37 Seminar on Roller Compacted Concrete Dams 13-15 April, 2011, Nashik500 WC-158 Content