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1 Geosynthetics in Railway Track2013500 GP-319 Content
2 Directory of Geosynthetics2013500CP-76 Content
3 Int. Symposium Geosynthetics India and Seminar on Geosynthetics Barriers 201320131000 WC-172 Content
4 Earth Reinforcement Design & Construction 20121000 GP-314 Content
5 Seminar on Geotechnical Challenges in India2012500 WC-164 Content
6 Geosynthetics 20112011750 WC-160 Content
7 Directory of Geosynthetics in India2009500 CP-73 Content
8 Workshop on Application of Geosynthetics Present and Future, 20-21 September 2007500 WC-142 Content
9 Geosynthetics - Recent Developments in Commemoration of two Decades of Geosynthetics in India20063000 GP-298 Content
10 Case Histories of Geosynthetics in Infrastructure Projects (Workshop 20-22 November, New Delhi2003800GP-289 Content
11 Directory of Geosynthetics in India, Vol.II1997500 CP-38 Content
12 Geosynthetics Asia 97, 26-29 November 1997, Bangalore,Vol. I & II1997500 WC-95 Content
13 Bibliographic - The Indian Contribution to Geosynthetics1997500 CP-49 Content
14 Workshop on Role of Geosynthetics in Hill Area Development, 22-24 Feb., Gangtok1996500 WC-79 Content
15 Workshop on Engineering With Geosynthetics,14-15 March, Visakhapatnam1996500WC-81 Content
16 Workshop on Engineering With Geosynthetics, 22-23 May, Chandigarh1996500 WC-83 Content
17 International Seminar and Techno Meet Environmental Geotechnology and Geosynthetics, 31 July-3 August, New Delhi19961000 WC-88 Content
18 Erosion Control with Geosynthetics1995800 CP-32 Content
19 Geosynthetics in Dam Engineering 1995800 GP-249 Content
20 Workshop - Engineering with Geosynthetics1995500 WC-73 Content
21 2nd International Workshop on Geotextiles 11-12 Jan., New Delhi1994500 WC-66 Content
22 An Introduction to Geotextiles and Related Products in Civil Engineering Applications1994500 CP-30 Content
23 Directory of Geotextiles in India Volume I1994500 CP-27 Content
24 Monograph on Particulate Approach to Analysis of Stone Columns with and without Geosynthetics Eneasing1993500 CP-26 Content