Environmental Issues   

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1Format for collection of Data for Environmental Impact Assessment of Water Resources Projects2000500GP-279 Content
2International Conference on Innovative Technologies for Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation, Roorkee, 12-13 October 200020001000WC-117 Content
3Seminar on Management of Environment Aspect of Water Resources and Hydro Power Development1997500CP-44 Content
4Inter-State Water Disputes in India - A New Approach - Shri V.M. Valsalan1997500GP-260 Content
5Seminar on Environmental Management of Water Resources and Power Projects, 6-8 September 1995, Indore, M.P.19951000WC-72 Content
6Symposium on Monitoring and Management of Ecological Aspects in Development of Water Resources and Power Projects1990500GP-211 Content
7Man-Made Lakes and its Effects on Eco-system1976500MRC-6 Content