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1Manual on Transformer, 201320132500GP-317CONTENTS
2Guidelines for Electrical Installations in High-Rise Buildings2001500GP-281CONTENTS
3Workshop on Restructuring of Regulations in Distribution Management, September 2000, Bangalore2000500WP-77CONTENTS
4Techno-economic Feasibility Study of Applying Aerial Bunched Conductor (ABC) System in LV Distribution1998500TRP-114CONTENTS
5Modern Trends and Practices in Power Sub-Transmission & Distribution Systems, Vol. I & II19962500GP-250CONTENTS
6Seminar on Power Distribution Automation, 21-22 August 1996, Hyderabad1996500WP-45CONTENTS
7Investigation of Impulse Voltage Charac¬teristics of Distribution Transformers1994500TRP-95CONTENTS
8Condition Monitoring of Power Station Rotating Equipments by Ferrographic Method and its Integration with Conventional Monitoring System1994500TRP-96CONTENTS
9Economics of Single Phase Distribution System versus Three-Phase System for Application in Rural Electrification1989500TRP-70CONTENTS
10Failure Analysis of Distribution Transformers1988500TRP-63CONTENTS