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Aims & Objectives
(International Water Resources Association)

  1. Advancement of water resources planning, development, management, science & technology, research and education at International level.

  2. Establishment of an International forum for planners, administrators, managers, scientists, engineers, educators, farmers, academicians and others who are associated with water resources and its development programmes.

  3. Encouragement of collaboration with and support of International programme in the field of water resources including cooperation with other organisation in the activities of common interest.

  4. To provide an information service to all concerned with water resources on the development of techniques, new trends, experience gained by others to enable updating of knowledge.

  5. To encourage specialists in the various disciplines to discuss their experiences, research work and or techniques at various fora.

To act as a coordination body in India for International Water Resources Association

Associated Bodies
World Water Council International Society for Rock Mechanics (INDIA) AITES World Tunnel Congress International Association on Electricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution International Geosynthetics Society (India). Society of Power Engineers (India) International Council on Large Electric Systems International Association for Small Hydro International Water Resources Association International Commission on Large Dams