Forthcoming Events

1st International Conference on - Hydrogen Energy – Policies, Infrastructure Development and Challenges

Considering the various advantages of hydrogen fuel over other fuels,an urgent need is being felt to give fillip to hydrogen fuel. To discuss all facets of the hydrogen fuel in India, CBIP has planned to organize 1st International Conference on “Hydrogen Energy - Policies, Infrastructure Development and Challenges” The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for open discussions and exchange of information and to come out with positive / concrete recommendations on the subject.

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International Tutorial on Diagnostic Measurements & Monitoring of Power Transformers

Date : 12-14 Oct. 2021

This Tutorial will give insight into various key failure modes of power transformer and the various advanced offline and online diagnostic methods which can be adopted to improve the overall reliability of the power system. Tutorial will cover discussion on Innovative methods and the advance tools adopted for condition assessment of power transformers

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Online Training Program on Risk Analysis Applied to Dam Safety Management

Date : 14th Oct. 2021

This course aims at providing basic concepts on the application of risk analysis techniques to dam safety management, presenting available tools for risk analysis and lessons learned from real cases worldwide during the last decade

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Online Training Program on IoT

Date : 26-27 October, 2021

Take Away: Introduction to IoT in the energy sector (incl. use cases), Basic IoT Terminology, IoT Connectivity, Cyber Security, Applications & Examples

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Online Training Program on ELECTRICAL SAFETY

Date : 26-27 Oct., 2021

Key Takeaway: • Importance of Electrical Safety & its Importance • Hazards- Types of Hazards & its Effects. • Hazard identification, Risk Assessment & its control. • Electrical Hazards- Shock, Arc Flash, Fire & its prevention. • Safety in Residences, Industrial and Commercial premises. • LOTO & Work Permit. • Importance of Equipment Earthing for Human & Equipment Safety. • Personal Protective Equipment’s • Safety thru Switchgears & Protective Relays

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