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ISRM Member Category Details

Membership Fee :

The membership fee payable on calendar year basis is:

Individual Membership(For one calendar year) Rs 600/-
*  Individual Membership(for ten calendar years) Rs 6,000/-
*  Individual membership(for twenty calendar years) Rs 10,000/-
** Institutional Membership(on calendar year basis
Rs 10,000/-

*  Subscription can be paid in three equal yearly installments, by January end of the ensuing year
** Institutional members can nominate upto 08 representatives to be enrolled as individual members

Membership Eligibility :  

  • Individual/individual life membership is open to any person engaged in or interested in rock mechanics and who is a graduate in engineering or science or with equivalent qualifications.    
  • Institutional membership is open tolaboratories or other organizations carrying out or co-ordinating research in rock mechanics.        
  • Organizations and institutions who executive and supervise engineering works and or deal with or manufacture rock mechanics equipment.

Presently no membership plans are available
Associated Bodies
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