Tunnels & Underground Works    Click here to see the list

1 World Tunnel Congress -2008- Under-ground Facilities for Better Environment & Safety, 22-24 September 2008, Agra, Vol. I, II & III20082000WC-149 Content
2History of Tunnels, 200820081000GP-307 Content
3Directory of Tunnels,20082008500GP-306 Content
4Safe Working in Tunnels, 20082008500CP-68 Content
5Souvenir of WTC, 20082008500WC-150 Content
6Tribune of WTC, 20082008500WC-151 Content
7Workshop on Rock Mechanics & Tunnelling Techniques,24-26 April, Manali, H.P.2008800WC-148 Content
8Training Programme on Tunnel and Underground Works, 16-18 January2008500WC-145 Content
9Software CD alongwith of Workshop on Design of Ventilation System for Long Tunnels Under Construction, 10 April 2003, New Delhi20035000WC-128 Content
10Fire and Life Safety for Underground Facilities - Present Status of Fire and Life Safety Principles to Underground Facilities -Final Report1998500CP-51 Content
11Hydro Centenary 1997 - Tunnelling Asia 97, 20-24 January, New Delhi19972500WC-94 Content
12Guidelines for Good Tunnelling of Practice Health and Safety in Works1991500GC-3 Content
13Brief History of Tunnel Construction at Loktak Hydroelectric Project1990600GP-217 Content
14Manual on Planning & Design of Hydraulic Tunnels1984500GP-178 Content
15 Best Practices in Underground Construction Works20132000GP-315 Content
16Tunnelling Asia 2013-Using Space for Infra- structure Projects : Issues & Challenges20131500WC-169 Content
17Manual on Underground Works20122000GP-313 Content
18 Proceedings of Tunnelling Asia 201220121500 WC-162 Content
19 Workshop on Construction of Dam & Tunnels in Weak Rocks, 25-26 May, 2011 Waknghat (HP)20111000 WC-159 Content
20 Workshop on Use of TBM/Road Header in Underground Works, 2010, New Delhi2010500 WC-156 Content
21 Workshop on Rock Mechanics & Tunneling Techniques, Gangtok2007800 WC-142A Content