Thermal Power   

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13rd International Conference on Fly Ash Utilisation and Disposal (Vol. I & II) New Delhi20031500WP-93 Content
2Manual on Renovation, Modernisation and Life Extension of Thermal Power Plants20031500GP-286 Content
3Eco-Friendly Technology for Thermal Power Plants2002700GP-285 Content
42nd International Conference on Fly Ash Utilisation and Disposal, February, New Delhi, Vol. I & II20001500WP-73 Content
5 Seminar on Thermal Generation in India-Fuel and Transport Logistics, December1999500WP-71 Content
6Seminar on Energy and Environment in the Context of Thermal Power Generation1999500WP-69 Content
7Seminar on Modern Trends in Instrumen¬tation and Controls in Thermal Power Stations, November1999800WP-70 Content
8Life Extension & Refurbishing of Thermal Power Plants1998500GP-273 Content
9Compendium of Thermal Power Stations in India Vol. I & II19972500GP-253 Content
10Latest Trends in Control and Instrumentation1997500GP-258 Content
11Refresher Course on Metallurgical Interface of Boiler Operation, Ropar, Punjab, 20-22 February1996500WP-40 Content
12Working Group Report on Condenser Tube Failure1995500WGRP Content
13Thermal Over-loading of Transmission Lines1988500TRP-64 Content
14Standard Design of Thermal Power Stations with 200/210 MW Units having “CE” Boiler & KWU Turbines1982500GP-158 Content
15Manual on Basic Electrical Design Features for Thermal Power Stations (Revised 1982)1980500GP-145 Content