Water and Energy International Year 2013, Volume-70, Issue-11 (November)
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V.K. Kanjlia


Water and Energy International

Energy Section

Smart, utility-grade Wi-Fi mesh for distribution grids
Paul Schwyter, Philipp Schneider

Last mile connectivity challenges in Smart Grid
Chander B. Goel, Shailesh Thakurdesai

Comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for smartgrid equipment manufacturers
M.A. Alvarez, T. Arzuaga

Cyber security – secure communication design for protection and control ieds in sub-station
T. Sukumara, Janne Starck, S.G. Kishan, G. Harish, Eashwar Kumar

Renewable generation plant communications
Laureano Bouzon

Renewable generation – tariff mechanism for enabling DSM and DR at consumer level
N.S. Sodha, A.S. Kushwaha, Kumud Wadhwa, Sachin Shukla

Water Resources Section

Hydropower development in Himalayan region - SWOT approach of hydraulic factors
V.S. Rama Rao, Dr. M.R. Bhajantri, Dr. (Smt) V.V. Bhosekar

Hydraulic design considerations for spillways in Himalayan regions
Dr. (Mrs.) V. V. Bhosekar, Dr. M.R. BhDr. (Mrs.) V. V. Bhosekar, Dr. M.R. Bhajantri

Statistical Data

Energy Section

Growth of installed capacity

Water Resources Section

Yearwi se C.L.A./Grant released for MI schemes under AIBP (as on 23.8.2013)


CBIP Newsletter

CBIP Newsletter

Energy Section

Report and recommendation of tutorial & colloquium on smart grid

Water Resources Section

International conference-roller compacted concrete Dams 13–14 november 2013 at New Delhi

Seminar - sustainable development of Hydropower in India 21–22 november 2013, New Delhi

4th general body meeting of Indian National Hydropower Association (INHA)


Far & Near Water and Energy

Far & Near Water and Energy

News - Energy Section


Power ministry seeks gas for Dabhol

PFC PFC extends deadline for bidding of bhedabahal UMPP


Cabinet to take up financial restructuring of state discoms

Renewable Energy

Aptel notice to Gujarat solar developers on GUVNL's plea

Hydro Power

Rs 5,000-Crore hydro power plant on Narmada breaks even

Nuclear Power

‘Hybrid’ nuclear plants could make a dent in carbon emissions

News - Water Resources Section

Govt to monitor water use in 5 more irrigation projects

India pressuring China over Tibetan water: Chinese think tank

Power producers want room in PM's panel on hydropower

TN moves SC for constitution of Cauvery Management Board

CAD project for Anjunem irrigation begins functioning

State grants Rs. 90 crore for micro irrigation projects

Asia's biggest micro-irrigation project in ramthal -the project when completed, will cover 24,000 hectares in Hungund taluk

India firms UP its strategy on Brahmaputra water diversion: India's action plan to pre-empt Chinese threats to divert Brahmaputra waters involves several key govt departments


Water & Energy Abstracts

Water & Energy Abstracts

Energy Section

400 kV 2500 SQMM XLPE Cable Systems Type Test and Prequalification Test with their Accessories Y.B. Kim, J.H. Ryu, K.J. Park, B.S. Han, S.H. Lee

Reliability of Transmission Towers under Extreme Wind and Ice Loading
J.M. Eidinger, L. Kempner

Substation Upgrade of Existing Facilities – A Succeed Experience
L. Crisóstenes, E. P. Moraes, S.L.S. Cabral, G. F. Vasconcelos, W. Pinheiro, J.C.R. Lopes

Projects BorWin2 and HelWin1 – Large Scale Multilevel Voltage-Sourced Converter Technology for Bundling of Offshore Windpower
V. Hussennether, J. Rittiger, A. Barth, D. Worthington, G. Dell'Anna, M. Rapetti, B. Hühnerbein, M. Siebert

Remote Access to Substations: State, Possibilities, Challenges
K.P. Brand, W. Wimmer, M. Herzig

Basis of Asset Management Program Implementation in Transmission Owner in Chile
J. Vargas, A. Guerrero, C. Geraldo

Institutional Capacity Building of the Load Despatch Centres in India
S.K. Soonee, S.R. Narasimhan, V. Pandey, Lokesh Chandra

The Impact of Improved Transmission System Efficiency and Utilization on Reducing Electricity Industry Carbon Footprint
A. Del Rosso, R. Lordan

A. Del Rosso, R. Lordan

Water Resources Section

Hydropower (Large, Small and Pumped Storage) in India, Market Outlook to 2025, 2013 Update -Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles

Multi-Objective Modeling in Riverware for USACE-SWD
Allen Avance, John Daylor, Jerry Cotter, David Neumann, Edie Zagona

Optimization of Design of Power Intake for Loharinag Pala HEPP, Uttarakhand
Kuldeep Malik, N.A. Sonawane, M.N. Singh, I.D. Gupta

Imaging the Failure of a Rock-fill Dam Following Liquefaction
Charles M. Heron, Aaron Lam, Stuart K. Haigh, Gopal S. P. Madabhushi

Current Research in Embankment Dam Engineering at Imperial College London
Tom Shire, Loizos Pelecanos, Han Bo, Howard Taylor

Landslide Lazard and Risk Assessment on the Scottish Road Network
Mike G. Winter, Matt Harrison, Forbes Macgregor, Lawrence Shackman

Cooling Mass Concrete: Owyhee, Hoover, and Building Large Dams
Fredric L. Quivik