IASH Journal- International Association for Small Hydro
Year 2013, Volume-2, Issue-2 (July)
Print ISSN : 2250-0103
Online ISSN : 2250-0111

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From the Editor's Desk
V.K. Kanjlia


Application of modern technologies for speedier construction of hydro projects
V.B. Patel

CFD based flow analysis in elbow type draft tube for small hydro power plant
Pankaj Gohil, R.P. Saini

Hydro power projects types and major components
V.K. Kanjlia, S.C. Nakra

Study on the performance of small hydro electric power plant due to cavitation in turbine runner casings
P. Sridharan, Dr. N. Kuppuswamy, Dr. Ila Vennila, Dr. A. Rajeswari

Overview of Indian renewable energy certificate mechanism
S.K. Soonee, V.K. Agrawal, Minaxi Garg