Water and Energy Research Digest
Year 2009, Volume-19, Issue-4 (October–December)
Print ISSN : 0974-4932
Online ISSN : 0974-472X

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Water Resource Section

A Simple Method for a Practical Boundary Shear Force Prediction in Free – Inclined Hydraulic Jump
J. Demetriou

Study on Waterproofing Techniques in Tunnel Construction
Li Ke-Fei

Energy Section

Development of ULtra - High Voltage (UHV) 1000 kV AC Transformer
Zhong Juntao

Enhancing reliability and life span of transforMer through innovative condition monitoring techniques
Jyoti Shrivastava, C.M. Shrivastava

Electrostatic Precipitator Performance in Indian Pulverized Coal Based Thermal Power Stations - Problems and Solutions
Pradip Kumar Mandal, Tanuj Kumar Mandal